PGDM in Personel Management & Human Resource Management

About the Programme:

Personnel management is obtaining, using, and maintaining a satisfied workforce. It is a significant part of management concerned with employees at work and with their relationship within the organization.

This course will enable the students to develop a clear understanding of the concepts, methods, techniques, and issues to manage human resources. It will help to understand how the human assets are being used in the service of organizational objectives and will help the students to recognize the manager’s changing role and emphasize current issues and real-world problems and the policies and practices of HRM used to meet them.

The course will familiarize the students with the legal framework of HR, and Labour Laws affecting the industries along with the knowledge of legal aspects governing the labor administration and Industrial Relations that is essential for the HR managers.

The course will also acquaint students with the concept, processes, and mechanics of performance management system practiced in business organizations, and to learn the aspects essential for designing an incentive structure to attract, retain and motivate human resources for higher individual and organizational performance. Also, familiarize the students with the concepts of Human Resource Planning (HRP) and its applicability in organizations.

Programme Structure:

All courses are a combination of classroom sessions and mandatory 2/3 of the programme period as a field engagement/ placement/ internship component.

The classroom sessions will facilitate learning through participation in the forms of lectures, discussions, case studies, presentations, assignments, etc., to help students to understand the conceptual and theoretical clarity of the subject area. The field engagement will provide a possibility to see the linkages between the classroom inputs by highlighting the practical dimensions of the course. The insights that emerge from theories and hands-on practical experiences are aimed at making students conceptually strong and successful in the practice of the course and getting absorbed in employment setups.

Core courses shall be offered in Semester – I & Semester – II that are designed to provide basic concepts, tools, and techniques in various functional areas. There will be common classes for Sem I and Sem II for students registered in the PGDM in Marketing & Finance and PGDM in Personnel & Human Resources Management Programme.

Broad Thematic Areas:

  • Organizational Behaviour and structure
  • Human Resource Management
  • Labour Laws
  • Training and Development
  • Performance and Compensation Management
  • Manpower Planning
  • Organization Development and Change
  • Managing Employee Relations
  • Leadership for Corporate Excellence
  • Managerial Effectiveness
  • Assessment Development Centre
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Business Analytics

Who should do this programme:

Young graduates and professionals from Human Resources/ Management sector/ developmental sector/ government/ civil society/ Industry experts who are keen to develop skills and valuable insights in managing change where knowledge and skills are transferred to build any organization’s capability to achieve goals and solve problems.

It has been designed for highly motivated individuals who want to take lead in developing solutions for improving the quality of human life; develop creative solutions to address issues with respect to strengthening institutions, organizations, and businesses that are needed competencies to research, design, develop, deliver and ultimately monitor training and developmental activities, processes and measure its impact on business results.

Why do this programme?

This programme is designed to develop students into professionally competent and socially sensitive managers who are trained to take leading roles in different public and private sector institutions and the corporate world. The programme will provide the students with a critical lens of understanding Human Resources and Personnel management in the contemporary world; with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the key functions of management, human resources, the importance of training, development and strengthening Institutions.

Through this programme, students gain insight into the social, political, economic, and ecological environments of the society that help them to become effective business leaders and decision-makers that contribute to organizational effectiveness.

Job Opportunities:

Diverse career choices are open to students completing the PGDM in Personnel and Human Resources Management are trained to manage a variety of specialised roles in the public, private and government sectors. This includes working as a Human Resources Manager, Personnel Manager, Manage in the corporate sector, consultancy firms, IT industry, and the insurance sector.

This programme is useful for those who wish to have a stable career, suitable professional qualification and gain competency for achieving excellence in Management field.

Students also find their professional career in academic institutions pursuing inter-disciplinary research and teaching in sustainability studies; in civil and allied administrative services of the government; in development-facilitating organisations; in the corporate sector; in research consultancy firms; and in development journalism.

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