Department of Health Management Program

The Hospital & Healthcare Management programme (HHM) of Terna School of Management, is a highly sought-after programme by those who wish to make a fulfilling career in management of healthcare & its organizations. The Terna Charitable Trust completing 40 Years with Terna Hospital servicing millions of lives helping us stretch our horizon through this start-programme.  This has been started keeping healthcare management requirements in the current global ecosystem in the centre, especially in the Hospitals, Public Health Services, Including Government Programs, The Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical And Pharma-Based Product Marketing, Medical Devices, Vaccine Development, Biomedical Equipment, Clinical Trials, Pathology Labs, Health Program Based Consulting, Research And Publication, Teaching & Training and Medical Tourism. Such that covering all areas of 360-degree Hospital & Health Sector Management. With an increasing role of Information Technology in the health sector, renowned IT organisations have established their health care verticals supporting the government’s focus on healthcare investment for sustainable development, the launch of rural and urban health missions as well as supporting private players. This course is approved by AICTE.

Integration of Specialties:

The PGDM-HHM programme accommodates graduates from all the background owing to the demand in the healthcare industry which has widespread in Healthcare Technology, Administrations, Digital Marketing, Strategies, Telemedicine, Epidemiology, Government as well as Private Management of Pharmacology etc…. Being in the healthcare management programme, most students from a healthcare-related background such as MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Physiotherapy, Nursing will also be studying the course together with Engineering, Technology, Commerce Students bringing and sharing the right knowledge to bring in more innovative, sustainable and growth-oriented approach.

Programme Structure:

The HHM programme has been carefully structured after taking into account industry needs, existing gaps, and future requirements. The courses under the programme are a blend of management and healthcare function, which makes it a reality-based management programme, a concept that is widely fulfilling the pressing requirements across the globe. The entire programme is divided in 6 terms (3 in the first year and 3 in the second year). Each term is approximately 3 months’ duration. Courses are conducted in each of these terms. These courses are divided into core courses and elective courses.

Course Details

Ethics and Values


Value creation and Value based health services

Management Principles & Practice in Health care

Entrepreneurship and business models

Ethics and Governance in Health Care

Health Care Operations Management

Strategic Planning and Management

Health Care Leadership and Professionalism

Management of Allied Health Services

Business Analytics – Statistics and quantitative techniques

Health policy planning

Mangement of International Patient and Medical Tourism

Human Resource Management

Finance & Economics

Organisation Behaviour I

Financial Accounting in Health Care

Insurance and Reimbursements in Healthcare

Organisation Behaviour II

Management Accounting in Health Care

Public Health Insurance Framework

Health care performance management

Financial Management in Health Care

Health Economics

Human Resource Development

Strategic Cost Management

Patient Care Management

Quality of Healthcare

Planning and designing

Health Services Marketing, Service Delivery and Distribution

Health care quality management

Hospital Planning and Design

Patient Relations Management

Healthcare quality measurement and improvement

Project Management


Quality standard, assessment and accreditation

Health Planning and Program Management

Research Methodology

Legal aspects in Health Care

Labour Laws in Health Care

Labour Laws in Health Care

Electives: The students have electives to choose from the 2nd years under

  • Health Care Technology and Communication: Healthcare Informatics, Virtual Imaging and Artificial Intelligence, e-Health Records and Compliance, Medical Journalism and Health Infotainment
  • Medical Professionalism & Leadership: Applied Behavioural economics, Leadership Management in Health Care, Philosophies, Ethics and Anthropology in Health Care, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management.
  • Infrastructure Management: Transportation in Healthcare, Infrastructure, Corporate Real Estate Services ( CRES ) and Power. Food Management in Health Care Facilities
  • Health Marketing: Strategic Management in healthcare, New product development and pricing, International Medical Payment Solutions and HCT Digital marketing in healthcare, E-Commerce, Sales & Distribution Management & Hospitals. health services, pharma and Medical Device
  • Non-Credit Course :Other than the core and elective courses, academic rigor among students is enhanced by offering compulsory non-credit courses like Addiction Management, Cancer Care, Geriatric Management, Happiness, Love, Yoga and Meditation Management, gender and Public Health, Medical Device and Medical Technology Management.

Summer Internship : Several of the MOU’s signed for student exchanges across the country for the students to choose of the aspiration and convenience during the end of the first year. While learning students could earn from the opportunity through stipends.

International Exchange: Students who are eligible will also be exchanged to the global area during summer internship.

Career and Placement: The HHCM programme of Terna Global School of Management is targeted this first batch to have 100% placement. MOU’s with industry is already in place and with the opportunity raising with the average salary of 7 lacs per annum from these quality of recruiters in other premise in the past gives us equal opportunity for the batch.


Indian healthcare sector is estimated approximately US$ 280 billion. Indian healthcare sector is much diversified and is full of opportunities in all the canters from providers, patients and medical technology. With the increase in the competition, businesses are looking to explore for the latest dynamics and trends which will have positive impact on their business. The hospital industry alone in India is set to increase to Rs 8.6 trillion (US$ 132.84 billion) by FY22 from Rs 4 trillion (US$ 61.79 billion) in FY17. The Government of India is planning to increase public health spending to 2.5 per cent of the country’s GDP by 2025.

There are a variety of opportunities in healthcare sector starting from being a Consultant, Analyst, Executives in Hospital, Healthcare Finance, Project manager, Health Infrastructure, IT to choose from. Students from HHM have often been employed by both governmental and non governmental organisation and the growing needs to manage transformation challenges new skills that this program offers. The HHCM programme of Terna Global School of Management is targeted this first batch to have 100% placement. MOU’s with industry is already in place and with the opportunity raising with the average salary of 12 lacs per annum from these quality of recruiters in other premise in the past gives us equal opportunity for the batch.

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